"LOL" Confusion

So a friend of mine recently shared a family story with me; I immediately busted out laughing. I realize this may seem a little inappropriate; which in my opinion makes for a good story.

The story goes recently their family went through a great loss in the family; his mother was keeping the whole family updated via text messaging. My friends mother being quite new to the whole world of text messaging added a little familiar acronym to the end of the two texts. Which seemed horribly inappropriate.

Text1:Going to be staying awhile then tomorrow the other two sisters will be here and they will all be together then (blank) will have them to pull the equipment; so hard. I am leaving now. lol

Text2: Sister arrived now; we let them have time with the kids and (blank) will have nurse take him off the equipment and watch and wait to the end lol

My friends family did not correct her of this mistake. It was not until another time soon after; she did it again. My friends sister finally told her mother what LOL meant. She was ashamed of the mistake she had been making, but she had not clue. This whole time she thought it meant Lots of Love.

So just a reminder make sure your mother or grandmother knows what LOL means.



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