Linton, what are you looking forward to?

Spring.  What a wonderful time of the year.  Full of green grass, kids, and puppies.  It’s a shame that we have to ruin it with all this rain.

It looks like I wont be mowing, gardening, walking, cleaning, hiking, biking, fishing, camping, hunting, or any other “ing” this weekend.  The forecast is calling for rain Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

Ripped blatantly from weather.com

As Linton swims through Spring and into Summer, we’d like to know what everyone is looking forward to.  We had a “poll” on Facebook last week and we’ve gotten a few answers so far–for those of you who missed it you can see it here.

Drop us a comment on this post, send us a message here, or throw out an email to info@thelintonian.com and tell us what you’re looking forward to when the warm and dry weather comes.  If nobody tells us what they’re wanting to do, we’ll just order a few more weeks of rain:

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