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Live at the 2010 Linton Music Fest

Thanks to some help with the Linton Music Festival's sponsor Node 1 Technology we are able to exclusively stream the show to our readers.

What a weekend!  Almost 3,000 people watched our live stream of the Linton Music Festival!  CRAZY!

If you missed any of the 2010 Linton Music Festival, check out our video archives at ustream.

Thanks to some help with the Linton Music Festival’s sponsor Node 1 Technology, we are able to bring you an exclusive live stream of the show.

The fun will start around 5:00pm today. Friday night was awesome!  Time for everyone to get some sleep.  We’ll start again tomorrow around noon-ish! Saturday in the park, much louder than the Fourth of July! We’re two-thirds through the 2010 Linton Music Fest!  The Internet machine starts up again Sunday afternoon, around 1:50, with Curtis Jackson.

You know what, though?  Come early–get some lunch!  I had a Gyro today, and it was delicious; tomorrow it might be something from that egg roll vendor! YUM!

See you there!

If you can’t make it, well… at least you can still watch it here!

Saturday in the park, I think it was the Fourth of July
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