20th Century Linton Photographers – Research/Shaw

Image from the 1908 Linton City Directory

Brown and Miller are two names I have always been familiar with in association to photography and Linton. Prominently both men documented the latter half of the 20th Century and I will eventually cover them. I just wanted to start my research with the earlier photographers and see where their lives took them and share their story.

I started my research by compiling a list of names through the use of old city directories and ads in the back of old high school annuals both of which can be found on the Library website.

Chas Griffith
Charles Shaw
Harry Bon Kaung
John Ecker
James Allen

Once I have a name of someone I always google their name with their occupation and location.
If there is information out there a person can save alot of time just by doing a little googling and establish leads into their research.

I am starting out with Charles Gilbert Shaw.

My Internet research as brought me to the website of Mathers Museum of World Cultures in Bloomington and in contact with the Curator of the Collections Ellen Sieber. The Museum houses many collections one of which is Charles Shaw’s photography collection. Mrs. Sieber has provided with me a bio written by one of his daughters in 1985 which has provided great deal of information about Shaw. Though his stint of time in Linton was brief he was able to establish himself as a well known local citizen and a biography of him was included in the 1908 book; The Biographical Memoirs of Greene County, Indiana. I have embeded the text below.

As I dig deeper I hope to come up with some details of his life here in Linton.

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