The boulevard: out with old, in with the new

Motorist going down Linton’s only boulevard street will see the old Bradford Pear trees from the 1990’s have been completely removed to make way for new trees to be planted down 10th Street Northeast. Although they flower beautifully this time of year, Bradford Pears are particularly susceptible to storm damage, as Linton has found over the years, and are regularly disfigured or even killed by strong winds or limb loss due to their otherwise rapid growth rate. They were once a favorite of landscapers because they were inexpensive, tolerated transportation well, and were also tolerant of a variety of soil types, drainage levels, and soil acidity.


  1. Bradford pears aren’t pears. They are a tree that was imported from China which now have been declared invasive species by every state department of agriculture. They drive out native trees.

    1. We are glad to see you reaffirmed the facts as we reported.

  2. Okay, Bradford Pear trees are out, what is going in? You didn’t finish the article.

    1. We apologize that we did not live up to your free subscription to The Lintonian, Eric. We will try to do better!

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