Petition to revoke lands Linton man in jail and possible extradition to Arkansas

Almost two years ago, on May 1st, 2019, Linton Officer John Agan was on patrol and stopped a GMC truck just south of the Linton city limits for failure to signal. Inside, the two occupants were identified as James Gibson, who was driving, and Ryan L. Workman, who was Gibson’s passenger.

A canine was brought in to do a free-air sniff of the vehicle, and K9 Blitz indicated the presence of drugs within the vehicle. So, the two occupants were asked to set outside the vehicle. Upon exiting the truck, police noticed Workman had a small caliber handgun holstered on his right hip. When asked if he had a permit to carry such a firearm, Workman replied, “No, I do not,” Agan would later write in his probable cause affidavit.

Workman was charged with possessing a handgun without a license, a Class A misdemeanor, and one he pled guilty to within his plea agreement. Judge Dena Martin sentenced him to one year in jail with 355 days suspended and 5 days of jail credit applied.

Flash forward to August 2020, and the Greene County Probation Department caused a Petition to Revoke Workman’s suspended sentence to be filed with the court since there was probable cause to believe that the Defendant has violated a condition of probation, court documents say. A few days later, the court issued a warrant for Workman’s arrest.

That warrant was finally served late-Sunday, March 14th, 2021. To compound the arrest for Workman, he was also advised of an outstanding warrant and possible extradition to the State of Arkansas. He will be committed to the Greene County Jail for a period of thirty (30) days awaiting receipt of a Governor’s warrant for his extradition to that state, an order from earlier today that was signed by Judge Erik Allen read.

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