Greene County Commissioners’ Meeting – February 2nd, 2021

  1. The Greene County Commissioners began their meeting at 9:30am this Groundhog’s Day with the Pledge of Allegiance. After the approval of the previous meetings’ minutes, they delved into various department heads addressing the Commissioners.
  2. Ashley Dyer representing the Greene County Public Defender’s Office. Dyer addressed her office’s desire to hire a new third-year law school intern. She explained an intern program of any sort was new to the office.
  3. After acceptance of the new intern position, the Commissioners moved on to the Greene County Veterans Services with Richard Nichols addressing the room with a request to house the county veteran’s van near the courthouse after several years of housing it at a private residence. The parking area space will be donated by the Reed family, and County Attorney Marvin Abshire will be working up an agreement to address the donated spot, as well as the liability and potential issues with county-owned property, such as a carport-like structure, being installed on private property. It is their understanding that removal of such a structure will not be an issue, but should be in writing should the Reeds wish to sell or transfer the property to another party in the future.
  4. County Assessor Dawn Abrams requested $5,000 for an appraisal of the former Griffin Industries facility for use at the state-level of property tax appeals. The new owners, Darling Ingredients, have appealed their property assessment. After attempting to work with the Assessors’ Office and no changes being made at the subsequent county property tax board of appeals (PTBOA), the company has appealed on to the State.
  5. Mike Hasler with the Greene County Sheriff’s Office requested permission to purchase a newer, used vehicle for his department’s use. Given the new 911 director will be not be a sworn police officer, he wanted an unmarked vehicle to avoid any potential confusion in the public since the civilian employee would not be able to address any police issues.
  6. Excess vehicle bids were opened with Gaither Powersports and John P. Coleman as the sole bids submitted. Given both were below the amounts hoped for by the Commissioners, a motion was made to take both under advisement.
  7. The topic of a tax sale being held this Spring was brought up and approved by the Commissioners with the specific date and time, as well as whether it will be held virtually or in-person, to be left up to the County Treasurer, Nichole Stahl, who was not in attendance this morning.
  8. Brianne Jerrels, representing the Greene County Economic Development Corporation, discussed some new grant opportunities available to entice new homebuilding in Greene County. One such grant would provide matching funds from Radius to give new homeowners $5,000 for building a new home in Greene County. She will be investigating the details and requirements further.
  9. For board appointments, the Commissioners voted to appoint Tim Abbott of Lyons as a replacement to Teddy York on the County’s Drainage Board. York recently passed away, and Commissioner Abrams said the family was in his thoughts and prayers, and further explained that we probably do not know how large of a loss our area has suffered yet, given York’s generosity and commitment to Greene County and serving on several boards and committees.
  10. Commissioner Graves noted a board seat was available on the community events center board should anyone be interested. Interested persons should contact any of the County Commissioners.
  11. With no more business to discuss, the meeting was concluded.
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