Bunge files 86-page air permit for 30-day public comment period

Bunge Milling, LLC in Worthington recently filed an 86-page air quality permit with the Indiana Department of Environment Management, which is now open for a 30-day public comment period, for a renewal of its MSOP Renewal issued in 2010. If approved, this proposed renewal would allow Bunge Milling, LLC to continue to operate, as it does not contain any new equipment that would emit air pollutants; however, some conditions from previously issued permits and/or approvals have changed. The notice is intended to fulfill the public notice procedures to which those conditions are subject.

From IDEM:

“Following the end of the public comment period, IDEM will issue a Notice of Decision stating whether the permit has been issued or denied. If the permit is issued, it may be different than the draft permit because of comments that were received during the public comment period. If comments are received during the public notice period, the final decision will include a document that summarizes the comments and IDEM’s response to those comments. If you have submitted comments or have asked to be added to the mailing list, you will receive a Notice of the Decision. The notice will provide details on how you may appeal IDEM’s decision, if you disagree with that decision. The final decision will also be available on the Internet at the address indicated above and will also be sent to the local library indicated above, and the IDEM public file room on the 12th floor of the Indiana Government Center North, 100 N. Senate Avenue, Indianapolis, Indiana 46204-2251.”

To review the filing, please follow this link to the IDEM website.

Bunge Milling, LLC is part of Bunge North America, which describes itself as an “agribusiness and food ingredient company” dedicated to suppling “raw and processed agricultural commodities and specialized food ingredients to a wide range of customers in the livestock, poultry, food processor, food services and bakery industries.”

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