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December 2016 Health Department Inspection Result

Inspections sent January 5, 2017

Inspections sent January 5, 2017

Establishment Critical Non Critical Comments
Dollar General (Worthington) 0 0 No Violations
American Legion (Worthington) 0 0 No Violations
Country Porch (Worthington) 0 4 Pizza oven rack needs cleaned, 3 bay sink has a leak, Dumpster needs closed at all times, Lights in walk in cooler not working
Stacy’s Diner 0 0 No Violations
Grand Café 0 0 Opening Inspection
Autumn Trace 0 0 Opening Inspection
The Grill 2 3 Raw meat being stored above ready to eat foods in cooler, (R) Mouse droppings found in rear storage area, Equipment needs cleaned throughout facility, Dishwashing area is in poor repair
American Legion (Jasonville) 0 0 No Violations
Erin’s Coffee House 0 0 Opening Inspection
Joetta’s Pizza Villa 0 0 No Violations
Subway (Bloomfield) 0 2 Thermometer not present in walk in freezer, Ice machine has build up of moldy substance.
VFW (Worthington) 0 0 No Violations
Route 67 0 3 Light shields are missing above kitchen area, Rear door in storage area has visible gap along bottom, Floors in kitchen are in poor repair.
Vest Quick Mart 1 2 Hand Wash sink is being used for other than hand washing, Walk in cooler floor is soiled with food debris, Back door near freezer has visible gap along bottom
Dollar General (Jasonville) 0 0 No Violations
Grand Café (Routine) 0 4 Wiping cloths must be stored in sanitation solution and not on counter, Hand drying provisions not provided at hand wash sink, Rear door has visible gap
Monicals 0 1 Trash can not present at hand wash sink
Picnic Basket 1 2 Ready to eat foods not properly dated and labeled, Food item not properly contained during storage, Hand washing provisions not provided at hand wash sink.
Pizza Hut (Bloomfield) 0 1 Coving along middle of facility is in very poor condition.
American Legion (Bloomfield) 0 0 No Violations
Baeslers Market 1 6 Can opener in deli is heavily soiled with food debris, Wiping cloths are not stored in sanitizing solution during use, Dish washer not reaching proper sanitizing temp, Cooling display case has heavy build up of food debris, Milk display shelving is in need of cleaning, Drying provisions are not present in several dispensers throughout store, Mops are not properly stored in the deli.
Subway (Jasonville) 0 0 No Violations

For questions or concerns, please contact the Greene County Health Department.

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