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The Bhut Jolokia pepper, more commonly known as the “ghost pepper” in the US, is the third hottest pepper in the world, losing the top spot last December.  With a rating of over one million Scovilles, it is between 150 and 200 times hotter than jalapeño peppers.

A couple months ago I put an order in with the Chile Pepper Institute at New Mexico University for a pack of Bhut Jolokia seeds.  This packet of ten seeds set me back $6–$20 if you count the fact that I had to have a minimum order and didn’t really need anything else (I ended up with a few other pepper cultivars, including a cool habanero that is extremely mild).  5-7 business days later, I was the proud owner of some very expensive seeds.

20110314On top of that, I’ve read that the seeds are very picky and hard to germinate.  I purchased a seed bed heat mat and a digital thermostat to try and keep the seeds at a constant 85 degrees.  Once I (hopefully) get some seedlings they will get a 12/12 cycle of grow lamps/dark to help them reach their full potential–so it looks like I need to get a light timer.  I haven’t told my wife yet, but I’m quite sure she’ll appreciate it.

I’ve already heard from quite a few people that they want to stay very far away from anything having to do with these peppers when they finally ripen.  I’ve been trying to accommodate myself to spicier and spicier foods, preparing my mouth for the upcoming assault because if someone doesn’t eat them, then this is all for nothing.  Perhaps I’ll offer the milder-than-jalapeño habaneros to my friends who are afraid of the burn.

What this all come to is that, if there is a Chili Cook-Off in town this year, I am guaranteed to have the hottest pot of anyone!  I’m offering that as a challenge!

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